In normal, everyday life, other small creative business owners may be your competitors.

At the Mind Your Own Business Conference, they’re your collaborators and partners.

In fact, other creative firm principals are an amazing opportunity to learn something new. Throughout the conference, you’ll get to share stories, trade ideas and work together to find solutions to common problems.

We make sure there’s plenty of facilitated conversation—at roundtables, happy hours and breakfasts, but you’ll also find plenty of opportunity to talk between sessions, after hours and even in the hotel elevator.

Plus, you’ll be creating a network that will become a valuable tool for you once you get home. These are the folks you can turn to for help with a sticky staffing situation, or advice on upgrading your company’s technology—in short, you’re meeting a bunch of human sounding boards who know exactly what types of challenges you face on a daily basis.

You’re not going to find this anywhere else. Take advantage of MYOB and spend some time connecting with creative business owners from across the country.